Seafood Extravaganza

Treat yourself to one of our famous Seafood Extravaganza’s. A gourmet feast of fish and shellfish all fresh from our award winning fish suppliers - Sankey's in local Tunbridge Wells.

Arrive at 7.30pm for an 8 ‘o’clock start, start your meal with our fabulous fishy soup then tuck into a display of seafood- Lobsters, Crabs, Oysters, Prawns and Salmon, Crayfish and Anchovies. But pace yourself, there are also hot dishes to try- Monkfish, Seabass, Langoustines, Soft Shell Crab, Calamari, depending on the choice of day.

So, this evening is a great way to celebrate special occasion or just because ‘Why not?’. An absolute must for fish lovers but also a great opportunity to try lots of different tastes.

Next date will be the 3rd Feb 2018